Public Sector Reforms are being implemented with the aim of modernizing public services in order to eliminate organizational rigidities that undermines public service efficiency and effectiveness. The Public Sector Reforms Programme is aimed at improving performance and service delivery in the Public Service to the citizens.

It is expected that the continuous effective implementation of Public Sector Reforms in MDAs will enable the Government to:

  • Position the public service to meet citizens’ high expectations on delivery of goods and services.
  • Change the work culture of the public service.
  • Enhance ethics and integrity in the public service.
  • Focus on the achievement of expected results and outcomes.
  • Ensure prudent management of public resources.
  • Improve financial sustainability of public sector institutions.
  • Attract and retain a competent workforce in the Public Service.

For the period November 2020 to March 2023, the Public Sector Reforms covered about 150 Public Sector institutions as follows:

  1. Ministries and Government Departments (23);
  2. Local Councils (35);
  3. Statutory Corporations (70);
  4. Constitutional Bodies (9);
  5. The two (2) Branches of Government: Parliament of Malawi and the Malawi Judiciary.