Constitutional Bodies

  1. Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA)
    Three Reform Areas were proposed:
    • Establish Direct Link or periodic update on critical information held by other Government Agencies.
    • Operationalise reporting of suspicious financial transactions from members of the general public.
    • Establish a Public Relations Department.

    These reforms will result in improved tracing of assets linked to subjects under FIA analysis of law enforcement investigations and prosecution; increased access to financial and related information to help FIA with initiation and enrichment analysis on subjects and increased understanding of roles achievements of the FIA in combating financial crimes respectively.

  2. The Law Commission
    Two reform areas were proposed:
    • Establish an Abridged version of the law reform process
    • Institutional Restructuring of the Law Commission/Functional Based Set-Up.

    These reforms will result in streamlining the law review process into an efficient and cost effective law reform process and determine numbers, grades and designation of posts necessary for optimal performance of the Law Commission respectively.

  3. The Office of the Director of Public Officers’ Declarations (ODOPOD)
    Two Reform Areas were proposed:
    • Review the Public Officers’ Declaration of Assets, Liabilities and Business Interest Act, 2013
    • Introduce an On-line Declarations System.

    These reforms will result into enhanced effectiveness and efficiency in the ODPOD operations and improved compliance in terms of submissions and completeness of declarations respectively.

  4. Parliament of Malawi
    Three Reform Areas were proposed:
    • Install Biometric Clocking System.
    • Establish an Automated Hansard Production System.
    • Upgrade the Chamber Audio Visual System.

    These reforms will help improve attendance and security of Members of Parliament in the Chamber; reduce amount of time to produce the hansard and its accuracy and also improve Chamber communications and save time on voting and counting votes respectively.