Priority areas

The following are the broad reform areas that form the basis of reforms in public institutions:

Character of Reforms
The 2015 public sector reforms agenda being the first comprehensive public sector reforms undertaken in all three branches of government are aimed at modernising the country and moving Malawi to a middle income country. The Public sector reform agenda of 2015 will be deepened and enforced so that reforms anchor the implementation framework of the key priority areas in the MGDS III.

Broad Reform Areas
Government shall continue to undertake reforms in the following areas:

  1. Public Service Management Reforms
    This includes reforms related to enactment or review laws and policies as well as key programmes aimed at improving the Public Sector Management and governance. These reforms focus on human resource management, capacity building, mind-set change management, leadership development and interagency or inter-ministerial working frameworks which aim at breaking the silo working mode preferred by MDAs which effectively undermines well intended public programmes.
  2. Decentralisation Reforms
    These reforms are concerned with ensuring that the devolution process is accelerated and completed and aim at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of local government authorities in service delivery and in enhancing local governance and development.
  3. Institutional Restructuring
    These reforms are concerned with restructuring MDAs by setting up new institutions, reframing existing institutions, and unbundling institutions where it is deemed to necessary for efficiency, effectiveness and growth, among other things.
  4. Recapitalization
    This involves capital injection into strategic institutions or key Programmes through treasury funding, Joint Ventures, PPP frameworks or Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).
  5. Programming
    This involves putting in place Game Changing Transformative Programmes in various sectors and institutions.
  6. Reforms in the Executive
    These reforms aim at improving performance of the executive arm of government in the implementation of policies and programmes for achievement of MGDS III outcomes. They will include reforms in various sectors of the economy and in MDAs aimed at enhancing achievement of sector goals and objectives and improving efficiency and effectiveness of MDAs in discharging their mandates.
  7. Reforms in the Legislature
    Reforms in the Legislature aim at enhancing capacity of the legislature in law making and in providing oversight over formulation and implementation of policies and programmes including reforms by the Executive branch of government.
  8. Reforms in the Judiciary
    Reforms in the Judiciary will aim at increasing access to formal justice by all the people of Malawi and enhance transparency, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of the judicial system.
  9. Coordination and Implementation of Reforms
    These reforms are aimed at improving, coordination and effective management of reforms at all levels of the public sector so that they can contribute to public sector transformation and service delivery improvement.

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